About Us

NGNU is a renowned name for organizing mega events successfully in Hyderabad. We have been organizing events along with the reputed Gaurav caterers’ family since 2001. Kudos for traversing through this challenging journey successfully!

Well, it has not been easy. Thanks to the sincerity and dedication of all the people associated with us, the dream that we began with has now come true. However, we still have ‘Miles to Go’ before sleeping.

The Achievements

Through the years, this dream team has made significant achievements in more than one field; the highlight being the Navratri Utsav being organized year after year for the enthusiastic people of Hyderabad. What’s more, their enthusiasm only seems to increase, not decrease. The numbers reveal it. What began with a crowd of 3 to 5 thousand people has multiplied by leaps and bounds over the years.

Besides these are other milestones that we have achieved. The list has grown long with the Almighty’s blessings. We have created, moderated and executed the biggest shopping festival in Hyderabad since 2001. With an objective of promoting the vast Indian culture, we have taken under our umbrella 10 Indian cultural activities. We also work towards the promotion of Hyderabad culture and tourism. We proudly promote the largest gathering for matrimonial program events. The Navratri festival is organized with the motto to promote all these activities.

God’s grace and blessings along with our countless associates has helped us to walk through this journey successfully.

Our associates, the stepping stones to success are:

  • Santosh Dhaba
  • Kamal Watch Company
  • Ramesh Watch Company
  • Mayur Pan Shop
  • Creations shop
  • Gift Gallery

Besides these is the impeccable team including Bharthi Nagda (Aakar Decorators) and Mahendra Sharma (Photographer). They have stood by us through thick and thin.

In a bid to thank the Almighty, we are working towards the development of Mata Vaishno Devi’s temple at Sanga Reddy. Here, the temple will be on the first floor, while the ground floor will be used to distribute free meals. We have also developed other Hanuman, Ganesha and Shiv and Bhairav Swami Temples. Nine different pooja’s are conducted at the time of Dusshera.

The other feathers in our cap are organizing the biggest cultural events for jewellery shops and get together for families. We promote and create awareness about Central Government schemes for eligible people. We are also associated with the Sustainable Development Growth of United States.

Thanks to our founder and CEO, Surath Singh Malhotra, NGNU events have reached new heights since its humble inception in the year 2001.

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